Beginners Poker, Playing Together Friends

If you are a beginner poker players who love poker casino want to play with friends, there is a principle of how to play poker you should know. Coalition with friends at the poker table can use many methods, all of which have the principle of “disturbing the integrity of the game”.

The deal must be made between friends, namely agreeing to win money from each other. This time Poker News will share info on the common practice of novice poker players. That coalition actual practices violate general ethical casino poker game. An example is often done when the two friends to the casino and play poker together for a few hours.

They are worried about the cruel nature of this game, a game Lapakqq that essentially won all the money other players. It can create bad feelings and ruin friendships, so poker novice made prior arrangements to avoid this.

Agreement in the form of the agreement was formulated, we can see the behavior as follows:

If someone else had to rise out of the pot.
They do not bully each other, so a strong bet signifies a powerful grip.
They do not slow each other when dealing with a monster hand.
They are very likely to use a secret sign language to tell his friend “My card good this time, so let me take you fold chip all these people”.
Broadly speaking, coalition poker newbies like this is actually a misnomer, because poker is not a team sport. Poker is a game individualistic, games Domino 99 wolf eat wolf. In fact Poker does not work well with the type of coalition above. The last ten years since the poker boom, many organizations are trying to form a team in a game of poker, in fact only for entertainment on television.

Coalition in poker between two or more players is always a form of cheating that is pure and simple. If the reader ever suspect foul play like that then it is advisable not involved. In playing poker do not approve and actively commemorating the others. You should report it to the casino management. For your personal integrity in how to play poker as well as the integrity of the game is at stake.

As said by Mike Caro:

“Make things easier for a friend is often unfairly made another difficult on the table, opponents play aggressive but honest, certainly suffer. This happens because they wrongly understand that occurs through a secret coalition tactics pursued by a group of friends “.

If readers play cash, the reader can immediately seated at a different table so that the problem is finished. But in a tournament, the reader does not control the placement of the table. In fact there are no friends at the poker table. Of course you can have a friend at the poker table in a sense; friends who came together to play, because friends make the game more fun poker. Requirement is only one of the readers are not maximally competitive play because he is your friend. Similarly, an article titled Poker Beginners, Playing Together Friends.

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Lapakqq.Online Agen Domino 99, Domino Qiu Qiu, Bandar Q Online, Poker Online, Domino Online Poker adalah merupakan sebuah permainan yang sangat populer di mata para pemain judi di dunia ini, bahkan judi texas holdem poker ini sudah menjadi permainan yang sangat legendaris, karena games texas poker zynga ini sudah sejak dulu dikenal dan dimainkan oleh para pecinta judi. Dan sampai saat ini, kita bisa lihat sendiri bahwa permainan judi texas poker ini sangat lah populer dan ngetop dimata penggemar judi.  Adapun permainan yang sangat di gemari oleh banyak orang adalah permainan judi taruhan poker dan domino qq. Justru itulah makanya sekarang ini banyak sekali situs agen judi online yang menawarkan jasanya sebagai penyedia layanan untuk permainan tersebut. Dan kita sendiri dapat menjumpai begitu banyaknya ssaat ini situs-situs agen judi yang ada di internet. Apalagi bagi pemain poker atau domino yang masih pemula. Pastinya dia belum bisa memperhatikan atau belum tahu bagaimana sebenarnya ciri-ciri situs agen judi online yang terpercaya dan terbaik.

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Lapakqq.Online Agen Domino 99, Domino Qiu Qiu, Bandar Q Online, Poker Online, Domino Online Apabila seorang pemain judi poker tersebut mempunyai keterbatasan pengetahuan dan sarana akan mempengaruhi dalam permainan poker online. Hal tersebut dipengaruhi oleh karena mengurungkan niatnya untuk bermain judi poker di situs Domino Online terpercaya.


Yang harus anda persiapkan terlebih dahuli adalah rekening bank anda. Pada umunya apabila seseorang itu membuat rekening maka akan diajurkan yang telah berumur 18 tahun keatas. Justru itulah kita sering sekali menjumpai di berbagai situs judi online yang menganjurkan calon membernya yang berumur 18+.Domino Qiu Qiu.Karena apabila sesorang itu masih dibawah 18 tahun belum akan bisa mempunyai rekening pribadi. Tetap sering sekali para pemain judi poker masih dibawah umur 18 tahun, tetapi berkat berkumpulnya pemain judi tersebut di komunitas, bisa menggunakan rekening pemain judi yang lain yang berkumpul di komubitas tersebut.

2. Daftar

Daftarkan lah diri anda bersama situs Bandar Q Online yang anda menyakinkan. Masukkanlag biodata diri anda dengan benar di kolom pendaftaran yang sudah disdiakan. Dan jang lupa untuk memilih Poker sebelum anda memasukan data anda ke server. Setelah anda mengirim data anda ke server, maka beberapa saat kemudian anda akan menerima pemberitahuan tentang langkah selanjutanya dan nama pengguna anda berserta password yang anda inginkan.


Sesudah anda menerima user nama dan password seperti langkah kedua diatas, maka anda sudah bisa masuk kesitus agen poker dan Domino Online untuk membuka akun anda. Masukkan terlebih dahulu user nama yang anda telah terima dari server dan selamjutnya pasword anda dengan benar.Beberapa saat setelah anda login maka anda akan diarahkan untuk melakukan proses deposit ke rekening bank bandar yang akan diberitahukan kepada anda setalah anda sudah masuk kesitus Poker Online anda belum melakukan deposit, maka anda belum bisa bermain judi poker, karena uang yang anda deposit itu nantinya akan digunakan untuk modal bertaruhan judi poker online.


Jika anda sudah melakukan proses deposit uang anda kepada situs Agen Poker Online  simpan bukti depositnya seperti struk dari atm atau sejenisnya. Jika bandar telah menerima uang deposit anda, maka anda akan diarahkan kepermainan yang anda pilih sewaktu melakukan pendaftaran. Jika anda sudah bisa bermain judi online, pilihlah meja judi yang anda prediksikan memberi keuntungan terhadap diri anda. Setelah anda menemukan meja judi poker online yang bisa menurut anda sangat menguntungkan kepada anda, duduk manis dan mainkan lah permainan tersebut dengan teliti dan hati-hati.



John Juanda original poker king Medan

John Juanda King of Poker -Calm demeanor, his eyes sharp while opening one at a poker card in front of him. At first glance, John Juanda physique reminiscent of Hong Kong actor Chow Yun Fat current role as Ko Chun, the world champion of poker in the movie ‘God of Gamblers’.

As quoted, John Juanda was the champion of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) for five times. From the championship, Juanda managed to collect the prize money of USD 50 thousand.

Although now living in the United States, John Juanda native Indonesia. She grew up in Medan, North Sumatra. Love of poker began when he has a lot of free time while pursuing S2. Juanda took S2 at Seattle University spends his free time at the casino near campus.

After completing his education S2, Juanda decides if poker is a way of life. Quickly, the man whose nickname JJ is then moved to California and began to follow a number of poker tournaments in Seattle.

Juanda follows the first WSOP in 1999. In the tournament, he finished ninth and is entitled to a prize of USD 1,500.

Since 1999 until 2014, Juanda has won the WSOP tournament five times. Of the tournament, he has collected USD 2,330,926 or approximately USD 28 billion.

If all who had attended the tournament prize added up, it will be collected Rp 192 billion. The prize was collected from poker tournaments that follow from America, Britain, Spain, to Australia.

After graduating from high school in Medan, Juanda S1 then continued his education at Oklahoma State University. Juanda was recorded as a poker player who continue their education up to the level of S2.


How to Play DominoQQ

Domino 99, also known by the name or Domino Domino Qiu Qiu QQ is a type of traditional card games are fun and easy to play. Domino-Qiu Qiu now you can play online. Although relying on luck / hockey, but you need to first understand the basics in this dominoes game online.

DominoQQ is a card game consisting of 28 cards, each of which has a different value. Domino can be played by 2-6 people in every round. Each player will be dealt four cards that must be combined into two pairs of values. The player with the highest combined score will come out as winners. This card value seen from the sum of two-card hand by taking the numbers behind it. Each player will be given three cards in the early rounds and are able to bet or raise the bet to take the fourth card. If one player does not follow the proposed betting another player then he is not entitled to take the fourth card and declared lost.

In Domino Qiuqiu there are 7 series cards. Here is a series of cards in a domino 99:
















Live Casino Offering To Olympic Entertainment Group

Major Live Casino provider Evolution Gaming today announced that it has further extended its network of clients by signing a content distribution agreement with land-based and online gambling operator Olympic Entertainment Group (OEG). The deal would allow for Evolution Gaming to launch its  most popular Live Casino games with Bandarq websites

The titles will be available across desktop and mobile and may eventually be converged with the gambling operator’s brick-and-mortar offering.

OEG currently holds the largest market share in the Baltic region. Aside from Baltic countries, the company also offers gambling options in Belarus, Italy, Malta, Poland, and Slovakia. Overall, the company manages 125 land-based casinos and 33 sports betting outlets.

Of their latest partnership agreement, OEG Managing Director of Online Operations and Sports Betting Veiko Krünberg said that being a leading gambling brand in the Baltic region and in other European jurisdictions, it has been a logical move to opt for Evolution Gaming’s Live Casino offering. The official further noted that apart from the world-class quality of its products, the prominent supplier also gives its clients opportunities for future service development.

Director of Business Development and Land-Based Sales at Evolution Gaming James Stern said that they are really happy to supply their offering to the major casino operator. The official further noted that OEG’s brands will now be able to strengthen their live dealer services and to further extend them by adding native speaking live tables and environments dedicated to specific gaming markets.

Dual Play Roulette, one of Evolution Gaming’s most popular titles, will also be rolled out with OEG’s brands. Being one of the supplier’s leading convergence solutions, the game will make it possible for the gambling operator to mix its online offering with its brick-and-mortar operations.

Fredrik Osterberg, Cheif Strategy Officer at Evolution Gaming, said that the deal represents another important milestone in his company’s strategy to digitalize some of the world’s leading land-based gambling venues and that they will be working together with their new partner – OEG, so as to help the casino operator implement on its growth strategy.